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PVT Slats (Plastic Vertical Tubing) - PVT Slats are flat tubular plastic extrusions that are inserted vertically into chain link fencing to add beauty and privacy to both sides of the fence. Once installed, these slats are virtually maintenance free. Salt, sand and road dirt will not harm the slats. The UV inhibited thermo plastic design assures that the slats will not fade, chip or discolor for at least ten years. These slats are available in a variety of colors sure to match most landscapes. The standard slats are provided with a horizontal locking strip that locks each vertical tube in place. This provides a 70-80% vision barrier. Providing a 90% vision barrier are "winged" slats which are wider and self locking. The PVT slat is the most durable of all the slating.

Aluminum Fence Slats - By adding Aluminum Fence Lattice to your chain link fence, your own backyard can be private, safe and beautiful. Special spring tempered alloy, protected with a baked on enamel finish, ensures you will enjoy easy maintenance living. If the rain doesn't keep it clean, the garden hose will. The sun will not fade the color and the enamel will not chip, crack or peel. This option, too, is available in many decorator colors. These slats are installed diagonally providing a 85% vision barrier. This type of slat is not recommended where balls, children, animals or heavy winds may cause the slats to loosen from the fence fabric.

Fence Weave - Enjoy the beauty if this high style flexible soft weave plastic. Available in a large selection of radiant colors, Soft Weave affords a new look to your chain link fence. The weave comes in rolls of 250' and must be woven into your fence and cut to length. This is the least costly material offered and can be effected by wind and weather conditions.

For - Evergreen - This product is a permanent, luxurious looking fence hedge. The beautiful shrub-like fence filler provides total privacy with natural earth tones. For-Evergreen is used by private homeowners who want to beautify an existing or new fence, or by commercial centers and businesses that want to easily enhance the look of their work environment. This is installed vertically much like the PVT slats.

Wind Screen/Privacy Screen - This product was originally intended to be used with chain link fence, but can be used on any type of fence. It is an attractive way to eliminate bothersome noise and visual distractions. Manufactured from a variety of the toughest fabrics available, wind/privacy screen is available in several weights, weaves, colors and textures. Privacy factors ranges between 70 and 100%. Additional uses would be for dog runs and kennels, and also as a shade cloth.


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