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As with any industry, specific tools are available to install fences. See the attached brochure for typical chain link tools available for rent or purchase. Contact our office for any questions or additional information.


Fence Pliers - The rounded nose is ideal for installing tie wires and knuckling (bending) the ends of the fence fabric if cut. The side cutters are used to cut the fence wire when trimming the roll, cutting a grade or trimming the fabric.

Hog Ring Pliers - These are used to install the hog ring clips to secure the fabric to the top or bottom tension wire.

Bolt Cutters - Used to cut the chain link fabric. Bolt cutters should be used instead of the side cutters on the pliers when more than a few cuts are needed.

Hand stretcher - This tool is used to pull the fence fabric tight on fence stretches up to 20 feet. (See Pul-Jak and Stretcher Bar with cable ratchet for other tools to stretch the fabric.)

3 or 2 hook stretcher bar with cable ratchet - The cable ratchet is used with the stretcher bar to pull the fence fabric tight, especially on fence stretches in excess of 20 feet. This stretcher can be used to pull 200 feet of fence fabric at a time. (see Pul-Jak for other stretching options.)

Boston Post Hole Digger - Allegheny Fence sells the standard post hole diggers as well as the Boston Post Hole Digger. This digger is a professional hand digger that will dig deeper and extract more dirt than the standard diggers. It's unique design allows the post hole to be dug approximately 3'6" deep without widening the hole. This digger digs a 9" or larger diameter hole. Always dig first with a digging bar and clean the hole with the digger in hard digging conditions.

Digging and Tamping Bars - These bars have either pointed, chiseled or a flat tamping end on them. Digging bars should always be used to loosen the ground before using the post hole digger. Unless the ground is soft enough the bar must be used or you will quickly damage your post hole digger.

Pul-Jak - This is a tool that is used to stretch the chain link fabric. This is ideal for tight ends or corners where the hand stretcher does not fit. Typically you can stretch up to 100 feet of fabric with this tool.

Post Driver - Used to drive or pound posts into the ground without digging a hole.



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