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Many manufacturers of residential gate operator units exist. Allegheny Fence only uses reliable operators that will provide your home with years of trouble free operation. Lower end gate operators cannot be properly maintained and turn into "throw away" units should you have problems.

There is a wide range of costs for the operator(s) that we may choose to present to you. Most important is the size and weight of the gate and the number of operations (opening and closing cycles) that you would anticipate per day.

Slide gate operators are "box" units. Swing gate operators can be "box" units or actuator units. The actuators require a separate control panel to wire the operator power cord into. The box type operator(s) are self contained and include the control panel in the box. Operators can be high voltage (110 or 220 volt) or low voltage (24VDC). The low voltage operators have a high voltage source to charge the batteries which run the system. These operators will operate in the event of a power failure. Some of the high voltage operators also have battery backup options.

Consider how you want to enter and exit the gate. Should your gate automatically close after entering? Do you need visitors to enter your property? Is an intercom or phone system necessary?

Contact Allegheny Fence to meet with a representative to review your project for the best recommendation for your operator needs.

Additional Gate Operator Information to be updated at a later date.


Brochures & Links

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