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Allegheny Fence offers a large variety of chain link fencing products and installation. When shopping for your fencing needs, be sure that when you compare prices you are comparing the same quality of products. There are several gauges (thickness) of wire as well as different thickness of posts and framework. The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. Your Allegheny Fence representative will assist you to make the right decision for your needs.

Wire Options

The three main types of wire (or fabric) are galvanized, aluminum coated (aluminized) and vinyl coated. The most common mesh opening is a 2", meaning the "holes" in the wire are 2" square. Other mesh sizes range from 1" to 2 3/8". All fence wire is available in different gauges. Allegheny Fence uses the following to best serve our customers:

Allegheny Fence uses the following to best serve our customers:

  • Vinyl Coated Wire comes in green, black, brown, and white. The vinyl coating covers the steel fence wire (steel core). A typical residential grade wire is a 12 1/2 gauge steel core wire with a 9 gauge finish. Although, this is a lighter wire, than a galvanized or aluminized type, it is typically sufficient for most residential projects. Stronger wire options are available (11 gauge steel core (Commercial) or 9 gauge steel core (industrial) when needed for a larger dog or an active yard. Vinyl coated wire will not rust.
  • Aluminum Coated Wire is 9 gauge. With this type of fencing, the wire is dipped in the aluminum coating prior to being woven. This process provides the least likelihood of rusting and a smooth surface. This 9 gauge fabric is used on our industrial and residential projects. Thinner gauges are available, but not typically used on our projects.
  • Galvanized coated wire (9 gauge) is coated after the weaving process, sometimes creating sharp points or pockets that can be susceptible to rust. Pre-galvanized fabric is available but is galvanized to lower standards and not recommended. A galvanized fence fabric would not be recommended for your residential project.

Pipe Options

Posts and framework also come in a variety of thicknesses, as well as, diameters. Posts and frame work can be either galvanized or vinyl coated to match the color of your wire. Our inventory offers three different grades of galvanized posts and framework:

  • Residential Grade - .065 wall thickness
  • Heavy Residential/Light Commercial Grade - 20 weight class
  • Industrial Grade - 40 weight class

Your representative will assist you with selecting the appropriate pipe diameter and thickness that are right for your project.


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  • Galvanized Post Vinyl Wire 1

    zoom Galvanized Post Vinyl Wire 1
  • Galvanized Post Vinyl Wire 2

    zoom Galvanized Post Vinyl Wire 2
  • Galvanized Post Vinyl Wire 3

    zoom Galvanized Post Vinyl Wire 3

  • All Black Chain Link

    zoom All Black Chain Link
  • All Black Vinyl Fence 1

    zoom All Black Vinyl Fence 1
  • All Black Vinyl Fence 2

    zoom All Black Vinyl Fence 2
  • All Green Vinyl

    zoom All Green Vinyl

  • Chain Link Gate 1

    zoom Chain Link Gate 1
  • Chain Link Gate 2

    zoom Chain Link Gate 2
  • Chain Link Gate 3

    zoom Chain Link Gate 3

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